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Monday 26 February 2024


02.04.2022 See you in 2024 on docnroll’s new website! After 15 years of dedicated service, docnroll ha...
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28.02.2022 Thanks to all our partners based in Ukraine docnroll thanks very much all its partners based...
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22.02.2022 docnroll signs partnership with Automation company One of the leading companies from the Automation...
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docnroll is your partner for all your business development projects. Experience and know-how at the service of your company’s internationalisation.

Why choose docnroll™ ?

Because your company wishes to develop, both locally and abroad.

docnroll™ specialises in helping companies that wish to develop new markets. We know what you need and how to help you carry out your aims, which we will define together following a very accurate and thorough methodology.

Highly experienced team, specializing in business, IT and more.

We specialise in International Business & IT : docnroll™'s translation team is highly specialized in Business and IT having worked for many years in the industry. Taking advantage of this experience is a must that you deserve for the quality of your business. Because business development is above all about experience, listening and understanding than about simply getting people linked up.

High human quality control following a very thorough and accurate methodology.

Indeed, it is all about quality procedures that work in different phases :

Phase 1 - Analysing and defining your aims
Phase 2 - Submitting a project proposal
Phase 3 - Approving your project proposal
Phase 4 - Carrying out and delivering your needs
Phase 5 - Following up your project

Strong cultural experience having lived abroad for many years.

Our specialists team is highly experienced having lived for many years abroad in different countries, learning about different cultures. Culture and language are invariably linked. Thanks to docnroll™ there won't be any errors based on lack of cultural awareness, and our business development will be yours, keeping the personal touch intact!

Strong cultural understanding, with many years of experience abroad.

Our translators team is highly experienced, having lived for many years in different countries learning about different cultures. Culture and language are invariably linked to one another. Thanks to docnroll your translation retains the register, style and cultural specificities of the original text.


As founder of docnroll™ and having worked for many years as a supplier, I will always guarantee you the best possible customer satisfaction because your success will be ours too!

Philippe Carino - docnroll™

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